KYC (Know Yuma Consensus)

KYC (Know Yuma Consensus)

Many Bittensor enthusiasts are curious about the Yuma Consensus - the mechanism responsible for determining the distribution of $TAO among Bittensor Miners [1].

How does it work? I cannot explain it more precisely than the enigmatic Yuma Rao in the Whitepaper.

However, its core purpose is: to ensure that the collective scoring performed by Validators justly compensates the Miners.

The Yuma Consensus algorithm is a mechanism that uses the stake-weighted matrix W to determine how incentives should be distributed among the Subnet Miners. It also calculates dividends for the Subnet Validators. Essentially, this algorithm translates the performance assessments into tangible rewards, incentivizing Miners to perform well and Validators to accurately assess performance.[1]

The algorithm is designed to prevent a small, coordinated group (often referred to as a Cabal) from exploiting the larger, dispersed majority through unfair self-serving practices, like favoring their own Miners

The mechanism operates by reducing the rewards for those whose scores deviate from the majority's consensus. As a result, these individuals or groups have less influence in subsequent scoring rounds, while the majority's influence is strengthened. Over time, this ensures that the majority's fair and honest assessments prevail.

Yuma Consensus, is "agnostic," which means that the algorithm is designed to operate independently of any specific Subnet, or type of content. Focusing on the integrity of the process rather than on external factors that could introduce bias. It ensures that rewards and Validations are based solely on the merit of the work performed, as measured against the algorithm's predefined criteria.

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