Mining TAO

Mining TAO

Has anyone heard of "Proof of Intelligence" crypto-mining?

Miners, also known as neurons, peers, or nodes, are Subnet participants that respond to tasks using the Bittensor protocol. Their goal is to fulfill requests from validators to earn the most $TAO rewards within a Subnet.[1]

Anyone can become a miner by registering a Subnet key and choosing to run their own miner or using pre-existing miner modules from the subnet's codebase. The cost to register a key in $TAO changes and tends to rise when more miners are trying to register at the same time.[2]

To successfully mine in the highly competitive environment of each Subnet, miners must have an in-depth knowledge of the Subnet domain and a strong command of the Subnet's documentation because Once the immunity period ends, new registrants will replace the Miners who have the lowest performance.


Official Bittensor Developer Documentation:



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