Legends in the Making

Legends in the Making

Going beyond the adage "Be the change that you wish to see in the world," one could try to create circumstances in which what you want to see manifests automatically, and it seems like Opentensor does both.

The Opentensor Foundation was established in 2021 by Jacob Stevens and Ala Shaabana, as a non-profit organization dedicated to developing Bittensor.

Bittensor's concept originated in 2015, with Stevens and Shaabana joining forces in 2019. Their shared vision for the future of Artificial Intelligence led them to pursue the creation of the largest decentralized AI network in the world…

January 2021 saw the launch of Bittensor's first main network iteration, 'Kusanagi'. By May 2021, it was paused to refine consensus mechanisms. In November 2021, 'Nakamoto' emerged as Kusanagi's successor. On March 20, 2023, another fork improved the kernel code, resulting in 'Finney', named after Hal Finney.

Hal Finney was a pivotal figure in digital currency, being the first to receive a Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. His legacy continues to inspire the digital currency and cryptography fields. The vast computational power of the Bitcoin network, which Finney contributed to, served as an inspiration for the creation of Bittensor, aiming to harness a similar level of distributed computing for the advancement of AI.

Opentensor is steering Bittensor into a governance model led by the community, progressively decentralizing authority to enhance public involvement. This transformation is designed to democratize the trajectory and advancement of AI technology.

The Foundation is constanly on the lookout for innovative minds to join their team as the organization continues to evolve, seeking talented developers who are passionate about shaping the future of decentralized AI.


[1] Official website:https://bittensor.com

[2] Official linked in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bittensor/

[3] Official Discord Channel: https://discord.com/channels/799672011265015819/799672011814862902

[4] For those who want to join the ongoing Bittensor Revolution: https://opentensor.ai/

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